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Spiker Brands is a USA-based creator and worldwide wholesale distributor of Spiker Lifestyle Products and Team Toss Sports & Games. We work to make your life better with fun, colorful, practical products:

Wedding Spikers

Wedding Spikers

Spiker Lifestyle Holders are the unique wedding accessory and bachelorette party favor everyone wants!

Team Toss

Team Toss

An original, fun, family game for beach, home or tailgating. Quality conponents hand-crafted in America. Choose your colors, grab a few friends and enjoy the comaraderie and competition!

Spiker Lifestyle Holders

Spiker Beach - Spiker Sofa  !

Your favorite Spiker doubles as your favorite sofa partner when you come off the beach! Just spike it between your sofa cushions and keep your drink, remote, snacks and more close by - and no more spills or coffee table stains! Personalize with team names for all the games and have plenty on hand for friends and family when you're binge-watching all those favorite series!


Spiker Custom

Custom Name-Drop Spikers

Your logo or design on Spiker Lifestyle Holders: companies, groups, schools, non-profits, wedding parties, great for giveaways, promotions, more.

Spiker Souvenir

Souvenir Printed Spikers

Our Souvenir Spiker Lifestyle Holders come with fun prints in our most popular colors. Show your customers their versatility for all kinds of occasions. What's your favorite Souvenir print?

We're honored to work with thousands of boutique owners throughout the country. If you're already a valued customer of ours, we thank you and invite you to use this site where you can see all your options and order easily. Please create your online account, log in and shop!